About us...

My name is Elizabeth Gibson and I am the owner of Blush and Arrow Boutique. I’m livin on love with the cowboy of my dreams. I am momma to the sweetest little twin babes, Mason and McKenna, and also a stay at home hairstylist! (That's right, I'm just a modern day Truvy Jones and my at home hair salon looks like a scene right out of Steel Magnolias!)

Our story...

Growing up I spent countless hours with my Mamaw working in her store. I would stand on a milk crate behind the cash register and ring up customers. I was on top of the world being by her side, counting out change, and carefully wrapping up the merchandise.

This led to many pretend “stores” being opened in my dad’s barn, complete with an open and closed sign on the door. You name it, I probably imagined it! I dreamed of growing up and watching these imaginary stores come to life.

I’ve always been a go get ‘em, skies the limit type of person. Do my dreams scare me? Yes, but I have an amazing husband that supports me and my wild plans, a strong circle of family and friends that are always there no matter what, and two of the most wonderful little people that call me mom. I want to always make them proud.This is for them. My two greatest blessings!

Thank you for being a part of our journey and shopping with us! 



We love our tribe!

 Blush Babes are...

  • Jesus lovin, God fearin women
  • Small town girls with big hair and even bigger dreams
  • One hot momma
  • A Pretty Little Cajun Queen
  • Farmer’s Daughters
  • That girl in a country song
  • Gunpowder and Lead
  • Anything but typical
  • The reason God made Oklahoma
  • Just making it through our rockin years
  • Diamonds in a rhinestone world

We want each and every one of you to feel beautiful on your journey.

So babe... Follow your arrow wherever it points >>—>

 Psalm 46:5